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Who I Am:
My real name is Naomi and I am 44 yrs old.  I'm a single mommy to a 4 yr old and a 24 yr old and g-ma to a 7 yr old; all beautiful girls.  
I made this a long time ago and it is even more amateur than where I am at this point but it is a all my girls in, it will do for

I have been PSP'ing for about 2 yrs now; (the slide show above was made before my PSP days) I have so much to learn still. In between work and chasing my girls around, I like to design and create and try to learn new things.  I am giving serious though to taking Graphic Design classes so that I have something to fall back on in the months that road construction is very slow...There are a few big jobs out there but they are often shut down for long periods of time due to the weather.  Guess I should tell you what it is that I do so you understand what I am talking!

I currently work in Traffic Control (otherwise known as a f'n for road/highway construction and maintenance; for the city, state and private companies.  I am also a  Traffic Control Supervisor and a Flagger Trainer but am pursuing a career as a Heavy Equipment Operator.  I would like to get on with a paving company here that has an apprenticeship program but, if that doesn't work out, I am going to apply for the apprenticeship program at the local Operator's Union.  

I'm a bit of a tomboy...I love big trucks, loud motorcycles (Harleys or Custom Bikes), Heavy Equipment and Weight Training.  I hate to cook and, unless it comes in a box that I can add to, I just suck at it!  My favorite clothes to wear are jeans, boots and tank tops...I'm just not a girly girl...I guess my designs are my way of letting my girl inside come out and

My Mission:
I have 1 main cause/mission, for now and 1 one that is next in line. The laws in this state are being changed that give the abusers/pedophiles more rights than the innocent and helpless children that they prey upon.  My mission is to get an active biker organization chapter started here in Oregon, that is dedicated to preventing child abuse and protecting the abused children, if and when necessary.  

This means canvasing the neighborhood and handing out literature about the organization and what we are there for.  It means educating the public on recognizing, preventing and reporting abuse and possible predators.  It gives the children a voice and the empowerment to speak up and not be afraid.  It gives the child (and other non-abusive members of their family) a family that they can call on at any time, day or night.  It means protecting that child, when the state fails to do so, as this state is failing so miserably at doing.  Members of the chapter also accompany the children to court so that they will not be afraid to testify.  Although there are organizations like this across our nation with multiple active chapters in many states, Oregon's children do not yet have any such representation or protection.  

Due to my own personal experiences and those of personal friends, I have made this my mission and I intend to give the children of Oregon the voice and protection that they deserve.  Remember this, wherever you may be, YOUR SILENCE DROWNS OUT THEIR CRIES.  Don't look the other way because you don't want to get may very well be the only thing standing between that child and a hospital bed or a grave.

Next Mission:
Once I have achieved this goal, I want to focus more energy on the prevention of animal abuse, domestic and wild.  I would like to get involved with rescuing animals and bringing their abusers to justice.  I am also very pro pit bull and would like to educate people on this breed.  It is not the breed that is so dangerous but rather the person that owns it and trains it.  I currently have 2 pit bulls (1 is half) in my house and I do not fear for the children; I fear for the dogs, because the breed has such a bad rep and they will protect me and my children and I fear the repercussions, should they find themselves in a situation that they must protect us. 

Feel free to snag this slide show and post on your own site...I just ask that you save it to your computer and upload to your own image hosting site to post.

My Recreational Activities:
I love to play in the sun!!  I am really afraid of water, if I can't touch the bottom and still breathe, but I love to go White Water Rafting (I think the vest makes me feel safe)!  I also like to go camping and ride motorcycles:)  
Yes, that would be me getting dumped out at Box Car on the Deschutes!  My oldest is the captain; the one in the back of the raft.  The one with the dred locks is my nephew and the other 2 are friends.

This is the Milk Run for the rapids

This cop was sitting there when we all rode in.  There are about 150 bikes in the parking lot behind him...he didn't stick around

Due to a special request, here are a few more pics of me

My Last Birthday

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